DUECENTO, the Capocollo

The desire to continually improve ourselves, starting from ancient Italian traditions, has brought us renewing tradition to a product in which the artisan's expertise meets the silent work of time: DUECENTO, Capocollo Santoro.

The wait characterizes it, from the selection of swines grown in the wild up to a weight of 200 kg, the time necessary for its af fi ning after a processing according to the recipe Santoro, 200 days.


200 days.

Conservation info

Store the Capocollo Duecento in a cool and dry place, consume within 6 months from the packaging date.


€ 75,00


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Comunità del suino della Valle d'Itria

Nutritional values

Energy (kcal) 431.3
Fats (g) 37.6
Saturated fats (g) 4.45
Carbs (g) 0
Sugars (g) 0
Proteins (g) 21.7
Salt (mg) 1.9